How I Use My iPad for Public Speaking

I use my iPad when I preach instead of paper notes and I often get asked what software I use.

I was using a program called iAnnotate PDF, but I’ve sinced moved to a program called PDF Expert. I like this one more because it is far more user friendly without sacrificing the features that I need it for.

How I Use It

  1. I write my message file in Word on my Macbook.
  2. When it is done I save it as a PDF to my Dropbox account.
  3. I then load the PDF from my Dropbox on my iPad.
  4. Then I open it with PDF Expert and I’m off and running.

Here is a sample page from my last message.


It allows me to edit my message file on the go. Since I have it saved as a PDF and loaded onto my iPad, I only want to make last minute changes or emphasis instead of reworking the entire file. I can easily write with my finger on my file or it quickly allows me to add text.

When I’m reading from it on stage I can swipe between pages with my finger or simply press once in the margin (which is how I use it). Couldn’t be simpler.

While I primarily use it when I preach, I’ve also used it to read through a few eBooks in PDF form. It allows me to highlight passages and then organizes them in a similar fashion to what I have with my Kindle app. Very convenient.

I’m not really in the habit of using PDFs for business deals but it is also loaded with a bunch of helpful features if that would apply to you.

Click here to download it for yourself. It costs $9.99 but I consider it well worth it if you do any type of public speaking.

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Jeremy Jernigan

This is the personal blog of Jeremy Jernigan. Husband to Michelle and father to five. Author of Redeeming Pleasure and Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Portland.

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