Pride and Cowardice from Central Christian AZ on Vimeo.

Pride and Cowardice

This weekend we started our summer series at Central called “Pixelated.” We are taking a look at Old Testament passages each week and seeing how they help illuminate Jesus for us since Jesus told us that all scripture points to Him (see: John 5:39). The first week showed us how the cross focuses God’s goodness over the blur of pride and fear. I talked about how your pride and fear will always cause the world to look pixelated.

Above you can see the video from the message this weekend. At the 16-minute mark I had something happen to me that’s never happened before. I literally had a fly go into my mouth as I was talking. I won’t be hurt if you laugh at my pain.

And below, you can watch a 22-minute video of a Facebook Live event we did on questions you guys had about the message. In case you wondering, I’m sitting in my shed as I do it (see: How to Revive a Dream When it Becomes a Nightmare). We will be doing this every Sunday night of this series and you can submit your questions at

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This is the personal blog of Jeremy Jernigan. Husband to Michelle and father to five. Author of Redeeming Pleasure and Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Portland.

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