Top 20 Quotes from Double Conference (2014)

Top 20 Quotes from Double Conference (2014)

I experienced a new conference this week in South Carolina called Double. Hosted by Newspring Church, it looks at ways to intentionally invite new people to your church and be others focused. What would it look like double your church attendance? What would you have to do differently?

Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event. Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what they said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own. All quotes are from Perry Noble.

  1. When the church has a common language, nothing we do will be impossible (Ge. 11:1-6; Acts 2:4-6).
  2. A program will not double your church, a process will.
  3. Excellence is giving your best effort with what you have, not perfection.
  4. Use people’s felt needs to lead them to their greatest need.
  5. The early church was known for their generosity, not their theology.
  6. Asking people to come to a place where they can meet Jesus (church) is evangelism.
  7. If it’s really “the Gospel,” it’s impossible to be watered down.
  8. A church is not effective when the pastor ministers to the people but rather when the body ministers to the body.
  9. For a new believer, getting in a group is more important than them reading their Bible every day.
  10. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving.
  11. God called you to lead your church through revelation, not imitation.
  12. One of the biggest mistakes a church (or leader) can make is to begin to care more about progress than the process.
  13. You can’t pray away a mistake that God has called you to deal with.
  14. Too many times as leaders we want to be discovered instead of developed.
  15. You will never have authority till you learn to work under authority.
  16. God can raise you to a level you could never raise yourself if you will submit yourself to the process.
  17. Your relationship with God is the one thing in ministry you cannot delegate.
  18. We can’t wish on our people what God is not doing in us.
  19. We don’t plan a move of God, we prepare for one.
  20. Pressure is nothing more than a call to humility.

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