Dollar Shave Club

This. Idea. Is. Brilliant.

They’ve creatively addressed a problematic realty for guys. Either we way overpay for the razor we use (have you even seen the prices of those things now) or, we way overuse the razor that we have (and we tempt bad hygiene). Solution? A monthly club where they send you a new razor each month and you pick how much you want to pay.

It’s ideas like this that inspire me. Not just because I want to be a part of it, but because they are coming up with a tremendous solution to a very real problem. Granted, not a major problem. But problem enough for some creative thinking.

If you read through their Twitter feed it looks as if they are exploding in growth right now and are working through some growing pains. I think they’ll do well given their approach thus far. The brilliance of all of this is that I’d bet they get the typical guy to spend more on razors over the long haul compared to what they would do otherwise. Guys will do it because of the creativity of the solution and the overall experience that they are providing.

What’s a problem that you are facing right now? You’ve probably thought through a handful of typical ways to solve it and then stopped when you realized why they won’t work. Maybe it’s time for a different type of solution.

Oh, and click here if you want to check out the razor club for yourself.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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