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I recently read Bryan Allain’s second book, Community Wins. Bryan is a stud blogger and the dude practices what he preaches when it comes to building an online community. I realized this late Friday night when I finished his book around 1:54am (I got sucked into finishing it), tweeted a link about it, and then woke up the next day to see this tweet (sent at 6:51am):


Wow. This guy is impressive.

The single greatest thing I got from this book was a kick in the butt to change my email service on my blog. For those of you that have subscribed with your email, you have seen the change recently. If you work to create an online presence, guys like Bryan are like a shot in the arm. The way I see it, Bryan has three really compelling things going for him: 1) he’s a solid Christian guy, 2) he’s a blogging stud, and 3) he’s hilarious.

Here are some of the quotes in particular that stood out to me:

community winsThe problem is, you’ll never experience acceptance without experiencing rejection.

Aim for “great” and “excellent,” never aim for “perfect.” It’s like a unicorn that poops gold-plated iPads. It doesn’t exist.

Connect, Encourage, Empower, Inspire. Four great ways a leader can positively interact with their community.

One of the main reasons other people will succeed where you fail is because they decided to stop staring at the obstacle in front of them and decided to get past it. I wish it was more complicated than that, but it’s not.

Without the urgency of a due date, we can fall prey to two major traps: The Tomorrow Trap – I don’t need to be incredibly productive today, because there’s always tomorrow. The Perfectionist Trap – I need more time on this to make it as good as it can be. The only way to break through these traps is to have deadlines that matter.

You can check Bryan out on his blog and his Killer Tribes site for those wanting to create online community.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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