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Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

As Christians, what are we supposed to do with the apparent contradictions in the Bible?

Panic. Run. Scream. Abandon all hope.

Okay, that might be a bit of a drastic response to this question. Yet most Christians feel noticeably uncomfortable asking this question, let alone acknowledging this is a real issue in which many people wrestle to find a solution. Even the fact I’m addressing this question will frustrate some people (and you haven’t even read my answer yet!).

My 61 Books of 2018

My 61 Books of 2018

This was a great year of reading! Some of my new favorites were Deep Work, Strength to Love, The Cross and the Lynching Tree, and Her Gates Will Never be Shut. I’ve been rereading books I love more this year as well. I think that’s something I’ll continue to do more of as I realize some books have so much more to offer upon additional readthroughs.

Below is the list of 61 books I read with my rating for them (5 being the best) along with a brief review. Any book without a number rating has been given to me by the author or publisher. You can check out my running list throughout the year by clicking on the “reading list” link on the top right of my blog.


Pride and Cowardice from Central Christian AZ on Vimeo.

Pride and Cowardice

This weekend we started our summer series at Central called “Pixelated.” We are taking a look at Old Testament passages each week and seeing how they help illuminate Jesus for us since Jesus told us that all scripture points to Him (see: John 5:39). The first week showed us how the cross focuses God’s goodness over the blur of pride and fear. I talked about how your pride and fear will always cause the world to look pixelated.


Interview for ReKnew

Here’s an interview I did with Greg Boyd on ReKnew.org about my book.

The Lord Gives and Takes

In the video above I launch our new series “That’s What He Said” looking at different misquoted verses. This weekend I tackled Job’s conclusion that God gives and takes away. Check it out to see the context around this quote.

My conclusion is that God is good, and only good!

Deciding How Much Influence You Want

I read the above tweet a bit ago and instantly retweeted it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then. If you are familiar with Bob you know he is a super-extrovert. If you are familiar with me you know that I’m definitely NOT. That’s why I’ve actually concluded his statement is more applicable to introverts than to extroverts since for people like me it definitely requires a deliberate choice.

Just today I was thinking about meeting a person for coffee (who I want to meet with and will enjoy their company) but then I also thought about what I wouldn’t be able to accomplish personally during that time. No reading, no catching up on emails, no blogging, etc. If you are an extrovert do your best not to judge me for this, it’s just how my mind works. So Bob’s tweet popped in my head and I reminded myself that making time for people is always a great choice, even if it does take a choice.

What I love most about his statement is that for all of us (the normal introverts and the bizarre extroverts) our influence is up to us. The question is: how much influence do you want? Then, make yourself appropriately available to those around you. Easier said than done for me.