Morality Posts

CAP Dinner

My wife and I were invited to attend a dinner for the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) this weekend. They tackle politics from the point of view of faith and the family. Regardless of whether you agree with everything that they’ve done it is impressive to see the commitment with which they exert themselves in a pretty overwhelming arena. If you want to get engaged with your faith in the realm of politics I’d encourage you to check them out.

The governor passed a bill into law (while we were there) that makes it mandatory for mothers desiring an abortion to see an ultrasound first. Very cool to be a part of. We also got to hear Dr. James Dobson speak.

It was also hilarious to get our name tags and see that Michelle has apparently entered into the pastor profession with me. I know she is a go-getter but this one surprised even me!

An Amazing Story

In case you haven’t seen the commercial telling the story of Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, please watch this video. Her situation changed how our entire country operates (perhaps you’ve ever heard of Roe v. Wade?) and now her story has an amazing new twist. You can find out more at

Hitting the Target?

As most of you know, I love baseball. There is so much to the sport that is so interesting to me. Part of the game involves pitchers intentionally hitting batters for different reasons (many people would refer to this as “dirty” baseball but it is a part of it nonetheless). Then rivalry and team loyalty kicks in and the opposing pitcher will “protect” his team by following suit and hitting a batter himself. I’ve seen this with the Yankees/Red Sox numerous times. It is a subtle part of the game.

I came across a video today of something I had never seen though. A high school player beans an umpire…directly in the face. Coincidence? Decide for yourself. (Hint: watch what the catcher does as he “misses” the ball). Watch it here. You can read an in depth play-by-play here.

So here is my question: should this be considered another part of the game (if you really don’t like how the ump is calling the game) or is this immoral and something that should be banned and punished at all costs?

I can say this though, if it was intentional then that guy can throw!

Finding the Blessed

I attended the leadership concept from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago this last week as our church hosted a satellite conference. One of the sessions was an interview with Bono from U2 and his thoughts on Aids and Africa. He said something that I thought was very insightful.

“Stop asking for God to bless what you are doing. Be a part of what He is doing because it is already blessed.”

This got me thinking about how many things we get caught up with doing, even if it is in the name of God, and we wonder why we sometimes don’t feel His Presence in what we’re doing. I’ll be honest, part of me is tempted to not get involved with the Aids epidemic in Africa just because Bono was the one who challenged me and it now feels like the popular thing to do. But this quote has been ringing in my ears since I heard it. Our prayers should change from: “God bless what I’m doing” to “God, what are You doing and how should I get involved?” I’m not even a fan of U2’s music but I give Bono props for seeing what most of us have missed. Check out his website to see how you can get involved with how he is leading the charge to save Africa.

Trying to play God?

Many die-hard Beatles fans will be thrilled to learn that they may not have heard the last from John Lennon. On April 24, iN DEMAND pay-tv service will host a seance to contact the late Beatle for a paying audience. A recent article tells all about the pay-per-view show that will certainly create controversy. The shows producers did not get consent from Lennon’s estate but came up with their newest idea solely on what they think would attract viewers.

Hearing this reminds me of a time when a desperate man named Saul had realized that God was no longer with him as a result of his bad choices. What did he do when he needed to hear from God yet God was silent…he took it into his own hands and had a seance to call back the recently deceased prophet of God named Samuel (1 Samuel 28:3-25). After Samuel comes back and gives Saul a message from beyond the grave it says that “immediately Saul fell full length on the ground, filled with fear because of Samuel’s words” (28:20).

It strikes me as sad that we feel the need and the right to take matters into our own hands despite what it may take to get there. Yes, I do believe that mediums can summon “spirits” from the beyond the grave (but I would suggest that it isn’t God giving them the ability to do this) despite the fact that the producers of the show had tried this idea before with a show in which they attempted to contact Princess Diana from beyond the grave only to fail in the connection (although they still managed to make a hefty profit in their failure). What is our society willing to pay to get what we want?