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Top 20 Quotes from Q 2014

Top 20 Quotes from Q 2014

I went to the first two Q conferences eight years ago and haven’t been able to make it back since. My third one was long overdue and was another great experience. Q is a unique conference in that it targets the church and culture and looks for ways to bring them together.

Here are my twenty favorite quotes from the event (or at least my best effort to capture what they said). Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my top 20 quotes.

Andy Crouch

  • The test of the common good is the flourishing of the vulnerable.
  • If you care about the flourishing of the vulnerable you will care about religious freedom.
  • If we don’t learn how to properly accommodate others we will end up with a false pluralism.



It’s incredible to see momentum created in an area that feels overwhelming. Just this week Michelle and I were approached by two different families who are interested in becoming foster parents. This is encouraging beyond belief.

Throughout our almost two year journey of becoming foster parents, we’ve worked to avoid two different extremes:

  1. That we would be faithful foster parents but would never impact or encourage other people beyond our immediate family. While we can certainly be faithful to the children entrusted to us, the problem dwarves us in size.
  2. That we would be an encouragement to others but that it would be little more than a symbolic gesture on our own part. While we can raise awareness for others, we can also make an impact ourselves and live it out.

That’s why I’ve tried to write about our journey as we go and also why I want to share videos like the one above. It does a tremendous job showing the darkness of the issue while also showing the healing which is possible. While they appropriately titled the short film ReMoved, I titled this post Moved in response. Because that is the hope I have seen through this process.


"This tendency is exemplified by the way many Gen Yers respond to various social causes. They rallied to share the Kony video with their friends. Many posted pictures of themselves in hoodies to support Trayvon Martin. They texted donations to tsunami relief organizations. There is an intense excitement to do good, to help, to support. Yet after the dopamine hit is felt, it’s on to the next. Without giving any significant amount of time or energy, a generation comfortable with abstraction has confused real commitment with symbolic gestures."

Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last

Is Black Friday Sinful?

black friday

It’s hard not to get sucked into the hype, even if it’s just watching or reading news headlines from the safety of your couch. Black Friday deals are all around us. Social media will show you plenty of opinions to encourage you to get the best deal and then quickly telling you that your heart is as Black as the Friday if you have anything to do with it. Which one is right?

A little of both actually. I suggest the following two arguments.


Should Christians Avoid Halloween?

People Afraid

We have a bizarre obsession with fear. This photo is from the Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House.

This post includes two conclusions I’ve drawn about culture and spirituality. One of them might be more liberal than you are comfortable with and the other might be more conservative than you are comfortable with. Maybe I can provide at least something for everyone to disagree with.

It’s Halloween again. Which means dressing up in ridiculous costumes, kids looking adorable, kids hopped up on crazy amounts of sugar, and questions about whether a Christian can have any part of this. I just wrote a reply to an email I received from someone in our church and it got me thinking about how my family handles this holiday. Hopefully my conclusions can help you figure out your family’s stance.


Abercrombie & Fitch: The #1 Brand of Homeless Apparel

In light of Monday’s post, one of my friends sent this video to me.

I’m sure there are a lot of mixed reactions to this and I’d love to hear from you. Do you think this is a brilliantly creative response or does this ultimately alienate people just as much as what Abercrombie is doing?