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Look for What Others Don’t See

My goal these days is to write at least one blog post a week. I post them on Wednesday when I’ve got the time and the inspiration is flowing easily. Sometimes it posts on Thursday. And on weeks like this one, you get it on Friday. This week I took my exam for WSET level 2 certification in wine (and studied obsessively beforehand), wrote a message for my sermon at Central this weekend, and celebrated my son’s eleventh birthday. Hence, the Friday post.

And in addition, I’m a bit mentally thought out. So here’s a fun one for you this Friday. Below is the video of a play that happened this week (on Thursday) from the Yankee’s game. They ultimately lost this game, but this was one of the crazier plays I’ve ever seen. The Astros were using what is referred to as a “defensive shift” which means the infield was not in their normal spots. Gleyber Torres noticed this and took advantage of it.



Out of courtesy to others, I try not to talk about my love for the Yankees too much. Or at least try to avoid blogging about it excessively. I realize that’s a pretty subjective line and one that people may feel I cross from time to time. But when you’ve named your kids after legendary Yankee players there tends to be something significant about the way you view being a fan. For me, it goes beyond just this team or that team. It pushes past the controversy and the opposition. It’s something pure about a game. A game that both brings people together and pushes them apart. A game that garners favorable words like “classic” and unfavorable words like “slow.” It’s about a franchise that celebrates history. That celebrates all that is worth playing for even when each season delivers on that intent better or worse than other seasons. It’s about one hundred and sixty two games a year. About investment of millions and a determination to compete. And it repeats itself every year.

It’s about a homegrown player that stays in one place for his entire career. About a player who rises above the rest. A player who leads superstars.

I guess you could say in a word what I love about the essence of Derek Jeter is respect. This video seriously gives me goosebumps and I hope you can find an appreciation for the essence of the game even if you happen to not care for the Yankees. And yes, my second child is named after him.

An Ovation for Revenge

Demptser hits ARod

Revenge is alive and well. Especially in baseball. Consider the following tweet from one of the Yankee beat writers:


In case you aren’t a baseball fan, those pitching stats are awful. So why would Ryan Dempster, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, get a standing ovation? Because he hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch. As if the Red Sox didn’t already have enough reason to hate Rodriguez, the recent suspension and appeal have added a freight truck of fuel to the fire. He’s received roaring boos from every crowd the Yankees have travelled to play. Last night he also received a very intentional baseball coming to him at 92 miles an hour. (more…)

My Interview with Adrian Gonzalez

I had the privilege to spend the weekend interviewing baseball all-star Adrian Gonzalez at Central. Despite the team he plays for, this guy is a class act. More importantly, he lives out his faith in an environment that’s not easy to do so. We spent most of our time behind the scenes talking baseball (like the fascinating story of the only time he’s faced Mariano Rivera and how the great closer managed to get the better of the at-bat).

Here is my interview with him from the services:

Perception Is Not Reality

I want to go on record before next year’s baseball season to point out to the untrained eye what is currently happening. The Red Sox just bought their team for next year. They made Carl Crawford the highest paid outfielder EVER. They acquired Adrian Gonzalez with the assumption that he will receive of the the top 10 highest contracts EVER after the season starts (to avoid luxury tax).

Boston Red Sox - Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford

Now don’t hear what I’m not saying: I’m not mad that they did this. In fact, I think it was brilliant and I’m quite nervous for what this means as a Yankee fan. What I am saying is that they just did (in grand fashion) what the Yankees get accused of endlessly.


If Superman Played Baseball

For anyone who remotely enjoys the game of baseball, this video is incredible!

Thanks Landon for sending this to me!