Attila the Hun

I just finished the book, The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun, by Wess Roberts, Ph.D. Depending on who you ask or what source you read, Attila the Hun is portrayed as a ruthless tyrant or as a noble king. In his book, Roberts assumes the best of him and makes up leadership advice that Attila might have said to develop his chieftains. Mixed within a brief, and somewhat sketchy, timeline of Attila’s life, is the relevant leadership info Attila would have learned and taught to his men. There are some great leadership ideas here and ultimately it makes for an entertaining way to read them. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from “Attila”:

“There is no quick way to develop leaders. Huns must learn throughout their lives–never ceasing as students, never being above gaining new insights or studying innovative procedures or methods–whatever the source.”

“The quality of unyielding drive to accomplish assignments is a desirable and essential quality of leadership. The weak persist only when things go their way. The strong persist and pursue through discouragement, deception and even personal abandonment.”

“Praise those who are simply good Huns. Their need for gratification tends to parallel their level of ambition.”

“Always remember that worthy causes meet with the most resistance–even internal withholding of support and loyalty. If victory is easily gained, you must reconsider the worthiness of your ambitions.”

“Every Hun has value–even if only to serve as a bad example.”

“Without challenge, a Hun’s potential is never realized.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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