This is the personal blog of Jeremy Jernigan. Jeremy serves as the Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Portland. He’s a second-generation preacher with a passion for discovering and communicating truth. Jeremy graduated from Hope International University and is currently working on his Masters of Theology from Fuller Seminary. His book Redeeming Pleasure (Worthy Publishing) released in 2015.

Jeremy has been married to Michelle for over a decade and they have five kids named Gavin, Madsen, Adelyn, Aiden, and Abel. Jeremy is a voracious reader and has a borderline obsession for the Yankees (each of his kids have a middle name from a Yankee player). This is an indication of his level of commitment as a fan, and how amazing his wife is!

The views expressed on this site are his own personal thoughts and musings and do not necessarily represent those of Abundant Life Church and its leadership. Much of what you read here will end up in a book or sermon at some point.

You can connect with Jeremy on social media on his Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with him about speaking or anything else.