Top 5 Posts of 2017

Top 5 Posts of 2017

What a year 2017 turned out to be! Not only did the political and spiritual landscape change dramatically in America this year but also my personal life as well. I began the year in Arizona not knowing I’d be soon moving to Oregon. I close the year in a new role in a new state. As such, it isn’t surprising to me that three of my top five most read blog posts this year were about our journey. In case you missed any of these when they first posted, or just want to reread one again, here are my top most viewed blogs I wrote this year.

  1. The Jernigans are Moving (see: post). This was our big announcement with the details. Where we were going and what we would do. This includes a video of George announcing my family to Abundant Life Church.
  2. Big News for Our Family (see: post). This was one of the scariest blog posts I’ve ever written. This was the post I wrote back in March announcing that we felt led to move away from Arizona but didn’t yet know where that would take us. It still seems crazy to me how this all played out.
  3. How Should We Respond to Eugene Peterson? (see: post). This post unpacked the controversy when it seemed that notable Christian author Eugene Peterson changed his views on same-sex marriage. I looked at how we treat people we disagree with.
  4. Enter the New Country (see: post). I wrote this post once we arrived in Oregon and I was processing all the change. It includes one of the most profound quotes I read (and thought often about) during this year of transition.
  5. Christianity With Benefits (see: post). This post looks at a “logical” statement from a noted Christian leader this year. I argue that although it might make sense, it actually runs contrary to the Gospel message. We’ve seen far more of these types of conversations this year.

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Jeremy Jernigan

This is the personal blog of Jeremy Jernigan. Husband to Michelle and father to Gavin, Madsen, Adelyn, Aiden, and Abel. Author of Redeeming Pleasure and Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church in Portland.

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